Induction Hardened Steel Pins


As pins are subjected to strain, high quality steel is crucial. KSet pins are induction hardened which increases the strength and the ability to resist breakage, wear and abrasion.

Custom Made Pins

We are able to offer the best lead times, often same day dispatch to deliver hardened pins to your requirements. Using our pre-hardened stock, pins are machined and welded in our workshop in order to meet your deadlines.

Use our pin index diagrams to fill in your dimensions and email to us for a quoted price and delivery time.

Making your own Pins?

We supply high quality induction hardened K1045 & induction hardened 4140 for the ultimate way to make your own pins to keep your equipment running. Our hardened bar is available in sizes 0-75" - 160mm in diameter in lengths up to 6m.

We also have a large range of steel plates and tags that can be added to your pins.

Full Range of Pins


Pictures of Range